Here at the Will Associates™ we talk to thousands of seniors each year and to our surprise the biggest worry is usually NOT dying! The biggest concern seems to be living too long and ending up in long-term care. This portion of our site has answers for those concerned about losing everything to long term care costs.

Seniors will find an array of information for qualifying for their state and federal long term care benefits.

They’ll also discover solutions for preserving their hard earned life savings, making sure they don’t dissolve their children’s inheritance and keeping their home from claims by the state and/or federal government.

The Three BIG Concerns

(1) Who Will Pay the Long Term Care Costs? 
(2) How Long Will Long Term Care Costs Last? 
(3) Can My Home Be Taken Away From By Loved Ones?

Richard Will, Elder Law Attorney, is available to answer your concerns. Richard has 30 years experience qualifying families – be it for Medi-Cal Long Term Care Benefits, avoiding the Probate system or any other estate planning issue. Richard can guarantee YOUR legal rights and benefits.


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